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Content inclusion for American Fiction, 1774-1920 is based on several authoritative bibliographies:

•    Titles to 1900 include nearly all of the works found in Lyle H. Wright’s American Fiction: A Contribution Toward a Bibliography. The Wright bibliography offers first and hard-to-find editions of major writers including Louisa May Alcott, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Stephen Crane, Mark Twain, Henry James, and other well-known authors. The works of “obscure” writers help to build a comprehensive picture of the period.

• Titles from 1901 to 1910, gathered from major American fiction collections, follow the general selection criteria established by Wright as sourced from the Library of Congress Shelf List of American Adult Fiction.

• Titles from the period 1911-1920 are based on Geoffrey D. Smith’s American Fiction, 1901-1925: A Bibliography and compiled from the holdings of the William Charvat Collection of American Fiction at the Ohio State University Library. In addition to works of major canonical writers, this bibliography highlights local-color fiction, popular genre writing, and treatment of disreputable subjects within the realm of fiction.

The 17,500 titles featured in American Fiction, 1774-1920 include:

• Adventure novels, travels and sketches
• Tract-like tales
• Fictitious biographies
• Immigrant fiction
• Works by minority writers
• Popular genre titles
• Politically-motivated works
• Short stories collections
• Poetry
• Works from often-studied and award-winning authors
• Local-colour fiction
• Romances
• Allegories
• Social commentaries

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