A ground breaking new programme of Arabic primary sources for teaching and research from Gale

2015 marks the beginning of a ground-breaking new initiative from Gale, part of Cengage Learning: a multi-year programme of online Arabic primary sources for research and teaching. Guided by an international Advisory Board, the programme will develop to include the most important collections of Arabic-language materials for research and teaching – from historic newspapers and periodicals to early printed books and manuscripts with fine calligraphy – dating from different time periods and provenance.

Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library will be the first collection in the programme. Based on A.G. Ellis’ catalogue of the British Library’s collection, Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library represents the first major searchable online archive of pre-20th century Arabic printed books.

Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library includes examples from over 400 years of books printed in Arabic script as well as translations into European and Asian languages from the period. Together they demonstrate Europe’s fascination, study and assimilation of ideas and knowledge from the Arabic-speaking world with its rich heritage of science, poetry and Islamic texts and commentaries.

Scholars can search on the full text of items in Arabic, English, French, German, Latin, Italian, Dutch and Spanish while also being able to discover content in Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Ottoman Turkish, Persian, Syriac and more.

Topics covered include:

Islamic literature
MedicineDictionaries & encyclopedias

Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library supports comparative approaches to the study of the Middle East and the Muslim world and inspires original research on Islamic religion, history, language, literature, philosophy and science. The collection will become an essential resource for every major library in the Middle East and institutions world-wide needing primary source material in Arabic for research, teaching and learning.

Here is an example of just one of the beautiful items researchers will find in Religion and Law:

Innat ul-Qurʾān karīm, Bareilly, India 1876.

[The Qurʾān, with marginal notes in Persian on the orthography of the text, drawn from a work entitled Baḥr al-ʿulūm. Edited, with a preface in Hindustani and occasional notes in the same language, by Muḥammad Ahsan Siddiki. 2nd edition] The first edition appeared in A.H. 1283, i.e. A.D. 1866-67.
(British Library, 14507.d.12)

Publication schedule:

Religion and Law
December 2015
Sciences, History and Geography March 2016
Literature, Grammar, Language, Catalogues and Periodicals          
December 2016