Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture, 1790-1920

This digital archive presents a broad history of crime in the long 19th Century, appealing to historians and literary scholars, as well as scholars in the areas of law and criminal justice.

Throughout the 19th century major trials were followed avidly in the courtroom, in newspaper reportage, and at public hangings. True crime literature and ephemera captured the attention of all classes, with murder ballads sold in the streets, and recent crimes quickly dramatised. While the cult of the criminal was popular, the development of the police force, particularly detectives and forensic techniques, also were subjects of wide interest. Concurrently the judicial system was reformed, and there was significant evolution of the penal system.

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Cheryl LaGuardia, Library Journal, April 2016

This unique archive marries fact and fiction, allowing researchers to discover essential primary documents such as trial transcripts, case notes from renowned judges, and documents from detective agencies. These primary sources provide essential insight into how the justice system evolved.

Content includes:

Trial transcriptsDocuments related to the development of forensic techniques
Detective agency recordsPrisoner photographs
Newspaper reportsTrue Crime literature
Police force recordsPrison postcards
Penny Dreadfuls, dime novels, detective fiction and MysteriesManuscript collections from well-known figures – police, criminals, detectives
Crime related broadsides and prints

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