Daily Mail Atlantic Edition

As well as the regular edition of the newspaper, the Daily Mail Historical Archive also includes the Daily Mail Atlantic Edition, which was published on board the  transatlantic liners that sailed between New York and Southampton between 1923 and 1931. Copies were printed and sold to passengers on every day of the 5-day voyages, with news transmitted from London and New York to the middle of the Atlantic by wireless.

These editions published different content to the regular London version of the paper, and contained articles specifically commissioned for the journey, with a heavy emphasis on American content, news stories and material about what travellers could expect when they reached New York or London. Issues of the Daily Mail Atlantic Edition are extremely rare and are not held at The British Library. They provide a unique slice of social history and give a fascinating insight into the lives of the wealthy on the eve of the Great Depression.


Daily Mail Atlantic Edition for passengers en route to United States - February 12, 1926

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