Key features and benefits of the Financial Times Historical Archive:

•    Cover to cover from 1888 to 2010

•    More than 870,000 fully-searchable pages

•    The most detailed foreign affairs coverage of any European daily newspaper

•    The Lex column: a sharp and authoritative voice on corporate and financial matters

•    All classified and display advertising

•    Access to thousands of daily price/stock indexes and currency tables – an invaluable source of historic daily financial data

•    The FT Magazine and How to Spend It – complete contents included

•    Cross-searchable with The Times and The Economist - creating a comprehensive historical resource

•    Both Purchase and Subscription models are available

Objective, accurate and full coverage of:

     •   Companies: Business, Industry and Finance 
     •   Globalisation 
     •   Management 
     •   National and International Politics 
     •   Business Education 
     •   Entrepreneurship 
     •   Personal Finance 
     •   Technology 
     •   Arts and Leisure 
     •   Special Surveys

Why is the FT important?

The Financial Times has developed to become one of the best-known and most-respected newspapers in the world, with a wider readership internationally than within the UK. Known as a leading source of accurate and unbiased financial, economic and political news, it is the only UK paper providing full daily reports on the London Stock Exchange and world markets.

The Financial Times Historical Archive is an indispensible tool for anyone interested in or studying global trade and finance, politics and business studies.

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