All of the collections in Literature Resources from Gale and Literature Criticism Online are integrated into Gale Artemis: Literary Sources, allowing researchers, teachers and students the ability to cross-search a wealth of primary and secondary sources and discover and analyse content in entirely new ways. In time, this environment will expand to include the majority of Gale Literature Collections before being combined with Gale Digital Collections on the one platform.

By bringing these resources onto the Gale Artemis platform, they allow literature users to move beyond the limitations of the simple search and retrieve what they used to. They can search across both primary and secondary materials (view scanned copies of the original work in Literature Criticism Online alongside the full text content in HTML in Literature Resources from Gale) as well as conduct new kinds of analysis on familiar content sets using term clusters and term-graphing tools. Thematic subject indexing greatly enhance content discovery, and improved document display and interface updates conform to today’s design standards, including sharing and collaboration tools. Overall, Gale Artemis will transform the way literature students and researchers explore material, giving them the ability to challenge assumptions and create new theories and academic debate.

By bringing these literature resources together, Gale Artemis amplifies the research story of key literary figures through history. For instance, scholars can approach the trial of Oscar Wilde from a number of different angles through a vast range of primary and secondary sources, as shown below.

Gale Artemis promotes new discovery and scholarship in literature by allowing scholars to search across a rich array of primary and secondary source material and bring to light new relationships between materials that had been separated by the digital divide.

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