Gale Directory Library (GDL)

“Gale has created an interesting research tool here, and the ability to customise holdings is a plus. Summing Up: Recommended. All libraries; all levels."
M. Shores, Miami University Hamilton, CHOICE

What is the Gale Directory Library?

The Gale Directory Library is an online environment in which to search, extract and manipulate directory information with ease and convenience. GDL takes these valuable reference volumes off the shelf and makes them available to everyone, everywhere at the click of a mouse.   With expanded data and state-of-the-art search and export features, important works like the Graham & Whiteside Major Companies Series and Gale's Encyclopedia of International Organizations are transformed into powerful research tools for students, companies and professionals of all kinds.

GDL allows you to select the directories that meet your needs and budget and make them available to your users any time, from anywhere. 

 Major companies of central & eastern europe          Medical & health information directory          Trade shows worldwide          Research centres directory          Encyclopedia of american religions          Gale directory of databases  

What are some of the uses of the Gale Directory Library?

It's a one-stop shop for career information  
It's a student research tool  
It facilitates business research and analysis  

With more than 58 directories and with more soon to be added, a vast range of sectors and subjects are covered from events; funding sources and awards; government entities; libraries and information sources; media; organisations; people; products; statistics and rankings; and research centres.  

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