Graham & Whiteside

Graham and Whiteside (G&W) is a leading provider of global business and professional information. Founded in 1976, we have been supplying company data to major corporations, financial institutions, libraries and business analysts for over 30 years. The Graham and Whiteside brand is well known, greatly admired, and synonymous with quality.

The G&W database holds current, well-fielded information on major companies worldwide excluding North America. A Major Company is defined as one with an annual turnover exceeding £10m, though in countries with a lower GDP the threshold is lower. Companies below this threshold may also be included if they are newsworthy or particularly fast growing. This selectivity is seen as a virtue by our customers.

How do we work?

G&W has a team of editors with regional expertise, language and research skills. The key to our success is our editors' knowledge of, and accountability for, the areas within which they work. Many of the editors are graduates with excellent language skills, and many have worked for years on the same region, building up in-depth, expert knowledge. Each editor has overall responsibility for the information they research and collect, and retains ultimate control over the data for his or her region. This results in accurate, quality information.

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We supply our data to customers in one of three ways:

1. Regular e-feeds

Data is supplied to, and hosted by, aggregator and executive data providers on a regular basis. Customers include Lexis Nexis, OneSource, Multex/Reuters, 1StopData, Thomson Gale and Thomson Financial. Data is sliced and diced from the range of available fields according to customer requirements, and supplied at an agreed frequency.

2. Customised data feeds

We are able to provide one-off bespoke feeds to suit the specifications of a new customer. For example we can supply data by region, country, industry sector, company type (banks, insurance companies etc) or company status (public, private, partnership etc).

3. High-quality international business directories

The regional Major Companies' series covers all countries with the exception of North America. The Industry Sector directories cover seven major industry sectors worldwide. These directories are published annually.