Gale is pleased to continue collaboration with JISC to bring full-text content to the Further Education community


Gale is delighted to continue working with JISC on an initiative that has allowed for a huge number of full text journals AND full text Newspapers to become available at the click of a mouse to every FEFC funded College in the UK. This ground-breaking collaboration will deliver:

  • Full text content from Gale's massive General OneFile database of over 13,000 information resources. The journals in General OneFile range in readership level from the popular to the academic, in every subject imaginable.
  • Full text from the InfoTrac Custom Newspapers collection, including both daily and Sunday titles, together with selected English language titles from overseas. Updates are daily and for most titles the backfile extends to 1996, with the Times going back to 1985.

General OneFile is a comprehensive, general-interest resource providing periodical and news information through an intuitive, state-of-the-art interface.

General OneFile is a Web based resource of over 13,000 titles with more than 25 years of backfile. It provides instant one-stop access to all Gale periodicals in an integrated database with approximately 100 million records.  This represents one of the largest aggregations of full text periodical content in the market place. The subjects covered range from:

  • agriculture
  • anthropology
  • art
  • business & industry
  • communications
  • economics
  • engineering
  • health care
  • history
  • law
  • literature
  • psychology
  • political science
  • religion
  • sciences
  • technology

The level of subject indexing is extremely detailed which helps even new users get accurate results quickly rather than generating hundreds of irrelevant citations. The subject categories are based on the Library of Congress subject classification and updated every week to reflect topical events or personalities. The "See Also" references will help users navigate the full breadth of the database and expand their research where relevant. The database is updated daily and provides graphics and images.

The full text newspaper database made available through the deal is InfoTrac Custom Newspapers. InfoTrac Custom Newspapers includes many of the British broadsheets and their Sunday equivalents; many of the tabloids and their Sunday equivalents in addition to regional titles from around the UK and english language titles from overseas like the New York Times; International Herald Tribune. The advantages of this database are as follows:

  • Daily updates
  • A backfile extending to 1996 in the majority of cases


  • the ability to search across a variety of titles and their backfiles simultaneously

Subscribers can also take advantage of the InfoTrac Web Bookmarks utility which offers users the ability to:

  • build electronic course packs and recommended reading lists if required.
  • build Table of Contents pages.
  • perform SDIs enabling librarians to incorporate the service into library induction courses for new students by providing them with a training interface for teaching novice users how to build complex searches.
  • Automate access to InfoTrac journals from your OPAC as long as you have a Web-based OPAC system with a "cut and paste" facility.

Details of the journals included in OneFile are also available through the “Title List” links in the left hand menu under the OneFile link. Further journals are continually being added to the database and the links to our homepage will provide details of any changes.