A Bookmark is a stable URL, linked to your Cengage Products.  Bookmarks can be created at various points from within Cengage Products and it simply a case of clicking on Bookmark this Page from within the database.

When you click on the Bookmark this Page option a pop up will appear with a persistent link.

This link can then be copied and used to reach the relevant page in the future.

Bookmarks can be used in:

•    Reading lists
•    Course packs
•    Current awareness topic sites- links to periodical or newspaper sources
•    Online/distance learning courses
•    Links to Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)
•    Electronic journals and periodical directories
•    Teacher lesson plans
•    Student projects
•    Links to web OPACs

Bookmarks enable you to perform searches again and again by creating a link to a set of search results, whether the result is a single article or a list of articles.

It's as easy as using Copy/Paste commands.

Since the technology to create Bookmarks is built into our databases you can: save time, share information, update information, mark a single article or a list of articles, and re-execute searches, weeks or months later!

Search results are rerun when the Bookmark is clicked on so results are up-to-date.

Bookmarks can be used both on-site and remotely but would be subject to an Institution’s Authentication.

Please contact [email protected] if you have queries about using bookmarks.