Generating Usage Statistics

Cengage Learning electronic product usage reports provide an accurate count of how your subscriptions are being used both inside your library and remotely.

Users are able to run reports in a both a Counter

COUNTER - Book Report 2
COUNTER - Database Report 1
COUNTER - Database Report 2
COUNTER - Database Report 3
COUNTER - Journal Report 1
COUNTER - XML Downloads

and non Counter basis

Gale - EBook Retrievals
Gale - Journal Retrievals
Gale - Usage by Database
Gale - Usage by Location, Date, and Time
Gale - Usage by Session Time
Gale - Usage Summary

and reports can be run by users for various time periods.

As well as the ability for users to run Reports, Reports can also be scheduled to be sent on a monthly basis.

For more information on our reporting process, please contact Richard Clarke at GlobalTech support: