National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994

-- Focus on Afghanistan --

Included in the 210,000 pages of National Geographic Magazine Archive are articles spanning a real wealth of subjects, cultures, nature, science, technology and the environment are all covered, as is content from the world over.

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Every-Day Life in Afghanistan
National Geographic Magazine, January 01, 1921

Evading a Keep Out philosophy against white men and Christians, a European observer disguises himself as a Persian pilgrim and gathers political and military intelligence about this historic buffer state between Russia and British India.
Afghanistan Makes Haste Slowly
National Geographic Magazine, December 01, 1933

Shrouded in mystery for many years, Afghanistan emerges onto the world stage as progressive rulers work to implement reform, and the author encounters hospitality as he travels through the country.
Back to Afghanistan
National Geographic Magazine, October 01, 1946

Maynard Owen Williams returns to Afghanistan to find a country strongly linked to Islamic tradition but modernizing quickly.
We Took the Highroad in Afghanistan
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1950

Jean and Franc Shor were the first westerners in 100 years to traverse the remote Wakhan district in Afghanistan, across the roof of the world.
Afghanistan: Crossroad of Conquerors
National Geographic Magazine, September 01, 1968

A staff writer joins Tajik horsemen in buz kashi, a rough game that reflects the fighting spirit of tribes dwelling in the landlocked crossroads of Central Asia.
Kabul, Afghanistan's Troubled Capital
National Geographic Magazine, April 01, 1985

Life goes on in the Afghan capital despite the rockets of war, Mike Edwards and photographer Steve Raymer discover.
Along Afghanistan's War-torn Frontier
National Geographic Magazine, June 01, 1985

Daring the border, Debra Denker and Steve McCurry join Afghans who fight and those who flee in a stalemate war that has killed countless civilians and forced a quarter of the population into exile.
The Golden Hoard of Bactria
National Geographic Magazine, March 01, 1990

After a decade of excavating on Afghan hillsides, Soviet archaeologist Viktor Ivanovich Sarianidi in 1978 unearthed a trove of gold jewellery and other artefacts buried in 2,000-year-old graves. Here he presents a selection of these masterpieces. With photographs by Leonid Bogdanov and Vladimir Terebenin.

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