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-- Focus on Algeria --

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In Civilized French Africa
March 01, 1909

For the past 60 years, the French have been establishing colonies in northern Africa, including Tunis (Tunisia), Algeria, and Morocco.
The Country of the Ant Men
April 01, 1911

Traveling through the Sahara's Erg region, the author describes the people and the landscape of this arid environment.
Here and There in Northern Africa
January 01, 1914

Photographs feature the cave-dwellers and nomads of Tunisia, Tripolitania, Algeria, and Morocco.
The Conquest of the Sahara by the Automobile
January 01, 1924

Soon the camel will face a competitor for desert travel--the automobile. A caravan of five Citroen caterpillar tractors reduced the usual three months it takes to cross from southern Algeria to Timbuktu to just 20 days.
The White City of Algiers
February 01, 1928

Once the haunt of Mediterranean pirates, Algiers has grown into a vibrant outpost of French colonialism.
Eastward from Gibraltar: Overland Route Across North Africa to Tunisia and Libya
January 01, 1943

Busy marketplaces, mules, mosques, palaces, and a railroad characterize the North African towns and cities of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libia (Libya).
Americans on the Barbary Coast
July 01, 1943

When Allied forces invaded Morocco and Algeria in November 1942, American soldiers were introduced to the Arab culture of North Africa.
Algeria: France's Stepchild, Problem and Promise
June 01, 1960

The French Army and Algerian nationalist forces clash daily in a conflict escalating with the discovery of natural resources, including diamonds and copper.
Algeria: Learning to Live With Independence
August 01, 1973

Rebounding from bitter civil war, Africa's second largest nation exhibits a dual personality--Arabic by fiat of its socialist government, yet French in the language and culture of its cities.
Oasis of Art in the Sahara
August 01, 1987

Ethno-archeologist Henri Lhote interprets rock paintings in a mysterious gallery created by prehistoric peoples of Algeria.

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