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The Maid of France Rides By: Compiègne, Where Joan of Arc Fought Her Last Battle, Celebrates Her Fifth Centenary
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1932

A grandiose medieval pageant in Compiegne, France, honors Joan of Arc at the site where she led her army for the last time.
France Farms as War Wages: An American Explores the Rich Rural Region of the Historic Paris Basin
National Geographic Magazine, February 01, 1940

As France joins the Second World War, its quiet farming villages continue to produce cheese, bread, cider, wine, and lace.
Lascaux Cave, Cradle of World Art
National Geographic Magazine, December 01, 1948

The caves of Lascaux, in the hills near Dordogne, France, contain some of the finest examples of prehistoric painting ever found.
Probing Ice Caves of the Pyrenees: Daring French Speleologists, Exploring Frozen Underground Rivers at 10,000 Feet, Find Danger, Silence, and Strange Beauty
National Geographic Magazine, March 01, 1953

The author and his family discover six ice caves, deep under the Marbore massif, where prehistoric rivers once flowed.
Eternal France
National Geographic Magazine, June 01, 1960

Industry energizes but cannot change this land of chateaux and cathedrals.
The Civilizing Seine
National Geographic Magazine, April 01, 1982

Journeying along the River Seine and through 2,500 years of French history, Charles McCarry and David L. Arnold follow this stream of legend and love from its source in the hills of Burgundy to its end in the English Channel.
National Geographic Magazine, February 01, 1982

John J. Putnam retraces the life and campaigns of the brilliant opportunist who made all Europe tremble as he lifted France to unprecedented power and glory--only to die in lonely, bitter exile. Photographs by Gordon W. Gahan.
Tour de France--An Annual Madness
National Geographic Magazine, July 01, 1989

Saddle sores, cardiovascular endurance, and cutthroat competition, it’s all the name of the game for France's most gruelling and exciting bike race.

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