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The Dikes of Holland
June 01, 1901

Dikes have been a part of the Netherlands' landscape since pre-Roman days and have been instrumental in protecting lives and property, and reclaiming valuable land from the sea.
As Seen from a Dutch Window
September 01, 1908

From his window seat the author observes the daily life of a Dutch city, from the legendary canals to crowds of cigar-smoking schoolboys.
Glimpses of Holland
January 01, 1915

From the canal-covered city of Amsterdam to quaint fishing villages, the author explores Dutch culture and its age-old struggle against the encroaching sea.
Holland's War with the Sea
March 01, 1923

As much as 18 feet below sea level and lacking in timber, quarries, coal, or oil, the Netherlands' extraordinary success illustrates the power of industry and perseverance in a nation whose colonial empire grew to fifty times its own area and seven times its population.

Holland Rises from War and Water
February 01, 1946

The tiny Kingdom of the Netherlands lost nearly 200,000 citizens during World War II. Almost a million others were forced to work as slave labourers in Germany, Russia, and Poland. Now life in Holland seems to be returning to normal, despite the destruction wrought by the war.
Mid-century Holland Builds Her Future
December 01, 1950

In Holland, five years after the end of World War II, the Dutch cope with an increasing population, expanding industry, and a shortage of available land.
The Netherlands Antilles: Holland in the Caribbean
January 01, 1970

Two island clusters, one off Venezuela and the other 500 miles to the northeast, display startlingly different topographies, cultures, and history. Together they make up what was once the Dutch West Indies.
Tulips: Holland's Beautiful Business
May 01, 1978

Four centuries of bulb culture have made those early spring flowers an economic mainstay of the Netherlands, where their beauty once nearly led to financial ruin.

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