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Old and New in Persia: In This Ancient Land Now Called Iran…
National Geographic Magazine, September 01, 1939

Tiled mosques rise from the desert of Iran. Though the country is speckled with new roads and factories, Iran still protects its ancient Persian treasures.
Iran in Wartime: Through Fabulous Persia, Hub of the Middle East, Americans, Britons, and Iranians Keep Sinews of War Moving to the Embattled Soviet Union
National Geographic Magazine, August 01, 1943

In war, Iran, a country of modern cities and scenic mountains, is the strategic crossroads of the Middle East because its roads and railways enable U. S. Army troops to deliver supplies to Russia.
Mountain Tribes of Iran and Iraq
National Geographic Magazine, March 01, 1946

Life among the mountain tribes along the borders of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Russia is little changed from ancient days.
Journey into Troubled Iran
National Geographic Magazine, October 01, 1951

Iran appears to be on the brink of a civil war, fuelled by civic unrest and the instability of the current government. The life of most citizens, however, goes on as usual.
Old-New Iran, Next Door to Russia
National Geographic Magazine, January 01, 1961

A modern king overlays ancient tradition with proposals for schools, hospitals, and a 14-dam irrigation system.
Iran's Shah Crowns Himself and His Empress
National Geographic Magazine, March 01, 1968

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who assumed power in 1941, waited until he had strengthened his country and produced a male heir before conducting a dazzling coronation in Teheran.
Iran Under the Ayatollah
National Geographic Magazine, July 01, 1985

Photojournalist Michael Coyne, with a team of Australian filmmakers invited to Iran by its revolutionary leaders, found a nation locked in religious fervor and an ongoing war.

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