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-- Focus on Iraq --

Included in the 210,000 pages of National Geographic Magazine Archive are articles spanning a real wealth of subjects, cultures, nature, science, technology and the environment are all covered, as is content from the world over.

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Where Adam and Eve Lived
National Geographic Magazine, December 01, 1914

Baghdad, magical and romantic city of the Arabian Nights, was once a center of the world's wealth, power, and civilization. The city is reborn as the center of an international battle for political and commercial supremacy in the Middle East.
Mystic Nedjef, the Shia Mecca: A Visit to One of the Strangest Cities in the World
National Geographic Magazine, December 01, 1914

Five days by mule or camel from Baghdad, this mysterious desert city of golden domes, fabulous treasures, and weird rites attracts Shiite pilgrims from India, Persia, and southern Russia. They bring with them their mummified dead--salted and dried--for burial in the holy ground.
Forty Years Among the Arabs
National Geographic Magazine, September 01, 1942

An American man lives for 40 years with the hospitable people of Iraq and studies the region's languages, irrigation systems, and Bedouin clans.
Mountain Tribes of Iran and Iraq
National Geographic Magazine, March 01, 1946

Life among the mountain tribes along the borders of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Russia is little changed from ancient days.
Marsh Dwellers of Southern Iraq: Primitive Ma'dan, Building Cathedral-like Houses of Reeds, Share a Watery Domain with Buffaloes and Wild Boars
National Geographic Magazine, February 01, 1958

Wilfred Thesiger lives among the feared Madan, people of Arabian, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Persian descent who inhabit reed houses in a watery wasteland.
Iraq--Where Oil and Water Mix: An Arabian Nights Land, Spotlighted in a World Crisis, Draws On Its Vast Resources to Build for the Future
National Geographic Magazine, October 01, 1958

Under a dark cloud of political tensions, Iraq builds toward modern ways with oil wealth.
The New Face of Baghdad: Iraq at War
National Geographic Magazine, January 01, 1985

In Iraq's booming capital William S. Ellis and Steve McCurry discover that the nation's devastating five-year-old war with Iran is out of sight and seemingly out of mind.
Iraq: Crucible of Civilization
National Geographic Magazine, May 01, 1991

Civilizations and warfare evolved in the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys--today's Iraq--where great empires rose, then crumbled to dust.

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