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The Italian Race
National Geographic Magazine, January 01, 1918

The Editor, noting that the Italians began fighting the invaders from the North a thousand years before the discovery of America, reminds us of the great gifts to mankind bequeathed by the Italians.
Hunting Castles in Italy
National Geographic Magazine, September 01, 1935

Northern Italy is dotted with many little-known castles, each with its own intriguing history.
Horace--Classic Poet of the Countryside
National Geographic Magazine, December 01, 1935

From Rome to the hill country of Venosa, Italy is speckled with traces of the classical poet.
Italy Smiles Again
National Geographic Magazine, June 01, 1949

The former chief of the Allied military government in Italy returns to see what has happened after World War II troops departed. In spite of overpopulation and chronic shortages of some items, Italy appears to be back on the road to prosperity.
United Italy Marks Its 100th Year
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1961

From the Fiat factory to the film industry, Italians revel in a boom known as the Risorgimento, or new awakening.
Last Moments of the Pompeians
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1961

With each day's work, archaeologists piece together more details of the town tragically engulfed by a volcanic eruption in A. D. 79.
Restoration Reveals the "Last Supper"
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1983

After five centuries of abuse by man and nature, Leonardo da Vinci's masterwork is being reborn--paint fleck by painstaking fleck. Art historian Carlo Bertelli views the progress, photographed by Victor R. Boswell, Jr.
The Eternal Etruscans
National Geographic Magazine, June 01, 1988

Three thousand years ago the Etruscans forged Italy's first civilization. Writer Rick Gore and photographer O. Louis Mazzatenta explore that little-known culture and what is left behind. With paintings by James M. Gurney.

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