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-- Focus on Lebanon --

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From Jerusalem to Aleppo

January 01, 1913

En route to Aleppo via the eastern Mediterranean and Lebanon, a group of travellers encounter majestic cedar groves and famous ancient ruins.
Bombs over Bible Lands
August 01,1941

In Syria, Palestine, and Iraq, where Romans, Babylonians, and Assyrians once battled, Germany and Russia vie for control of the oil-rich nations, disrupting historic lands with bombs, planes, and tanks.
Syria and Lebanon Taste Freedom
December 01, 1946

Modernization comes to two ancient lands. Both Syria and Lebanon won freedom from France and now chart their own courses.
Islam’s Heartland, Up in Arms
September 01, 1980

A panorama of unrest from Afghanistan to Africa is surveyed by writer-photographer Thomas J. Abercrombie and detailed on a timely new supplement map.
In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great
January 01, 1968

In the second century B. C., a young king of Macedonia conquered an empire reaching from Greece to India, taking a route recently followed by the authors who marvel at his conquest of peoples and geography.
Who Were the Phoenicians?
October 01, 2004

Who Were the Phoenicians? We know they dominated sea trade in the Mediterranean for 3,000 years. Now DNA testing and recent archaeological finds are revealing just what the Phoenician legacy meant to the ancient world-and to our own.
Lebanon, Little Bible Land in the Crossfire of History
February 01, 1970

William S. Ellis, son of a Lebanese mother, examines the many-sided conflict that tears apart the Mediterranean nation where Christians and Muslims have coexisted for centuries.
The Forgotten Faithful: Arab Christians
June 01, 2009

Arab Christians feel outnumbered and alone.

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