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Lisbon, the City of the Friendly Bay
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1922

Viewed from its superb harbour, Portugal's 2,000-year-old capital shines like a field of undulating marble, its 11 hills crowned with palaces and battlements. The rich heritage of this beautiful city is reflected in the hospitality of its people.
An Altitudinal Journey Through Portugal: Rugged Scenic Beauty, Colorful Costumes, and Ancient Castles Abound in Tiny Nation That Once Ruled a Vast Empire
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1927

Homeland of Prince Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama, Portugal offers the visitor an unusual mix of sights: medieval and Muslim castles, port wine vinters, and toothpick makers, to name a few.
Castles and Progress in Portugal
National Geographic Magazine, February 01, 1938

Alongside war-torn Spain, Portugal is rising out of economic depression, forging new roads, building schools and ports, and rejuvenating its hilly capital, Lisbon.
Portugal Is Different
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1948

Once the premier seafaring nation in the world, Portugal relies on cork and wine exports, and the influx of tourists to sustain her post-war economy.
After an Empire: Portugal
National Geographic Magazine, December 01, 1980

In the wake of bloodless revolution at home and surrender of an empire abroad, the Portuguese are rebuilding their political and economic foundations.
Portugal's Sea Road to the East
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1992

Little kingdom with a mighty reach, Portugal carved the richest oceanic empire of the 16th century and left a lasting imprint throughout the Far East.
Madeira Toasts The Future
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1994

The pace of life quickens on these lush islands of Portugal, whose membership in the European Union raises hope of new prosperity, yet threatens traditional livelihoods.

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