National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994

-- Focus on Saudi Arabia & Qatar --

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Arabia, the Desert of the Sea
December 01, 1909

With a million square miles of trackless expanse between Egypt and Persia, the author focuses on the oases, cities, ruins, and peoples of this vast land.
Mecca the Mystic: A New Kingdom Within Arabia
August 01, 1917

Hejaz, recently liberated from Turkish rule, includes Mecca, a sacred city of Islam.
The Rise of the New Arab Nation
November 01, 1919

Sprung free from Turkish hegemony and its own hermit spirit, the Arabian Peninsula holds far-reaching possibilities for peace and trade.
Guest in Saudi Arabia
October 01, 1945

The booming oil industry has brought wealth and prosperity to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Maynard Owen Williams visits this desert sheikdom and talks with King Abdul Aziz al Saud about his kingdom's future.
Saudi Arabia: Beyond the Sands of Mecca
January 01, 1966

An American photojournalist who converted to Islam, obtained permission to photograph Islam's holiest sites during his survey of the nation's Bedouin camps, Nabatean ruins, and oil refineries.
The Sword and the Sermon
July 01, 1972

Thirteen centuries ago horsemen galloped out of Saudi Arabia, spurred by the teachings of Muhammad. An American Muslim explores the remnants of an empire that stretched from Spain to Central Asia.
The Arab World, Inc.: Who Are Those Oil-Rich Arabs, and What Are They Doing With All that Money?
October 01, 1975

How much has the flood of oil-bought money affected the Arabian Peninsula? John J. Putman, and Winfield Parks find a growing sense of responsibility, and an atmosphere where hallowed tradition and dizzying innovation work side by side.
Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom and Its Power
September 01, 1980

Oil wealth beyond imagination has come to a nomadic, patriarchal, long-impoverished desert society. Robert Azzi, a U. S. photojournalist with access to Arabia's royal family, reveals how the nation is dealing with overwhelming change.
Women of Saudi Arabia
October 01, 1987

Caught up in modernization, Saudi Arabia's culture still sequesters the lives of its women, according to an American who has lived there, Marianne Alireza.
The Persian Gulf—Living in Harm's Way
May 01, 1988

In a timely report from the strategic waterway, Thomas J. Abercrombie and photographer Steve Raymer describe the people caught in the shadow of the ongoing Iraq-Iran war.

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