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A Critical Period in South African History
November 01, 1896

John Hyde discusses Boer conflicts with the Zulu in the 1870s and their relations with the British.
British South Africa and the Transvaal
March 01, 1900

A look at South Africa reveals a pastoral, agricultural region currently the scene of brewing hostilities between colonial powers and African natives. South Africa's future, notes the author, rests upon the question of equity and integrity in the treatment of the natives, and bodes ill for Europeans who ignore the African call for respect.
Influence of Geographical Conditions on Military Operations in South Africa
May 01, 1900

The character of terrain has always been an important factor in military operations. A military analysis of South African geography makes possible a more complete understanding of hostilities between the British and the Boer republics.
The Diamond Mines of South Africa
June 01, 1906

An endless supply of cheap African labor, efficient management of the compounds, and the careful selection of gems puts the De Beers Company of South Africa at the forefront of worldwide diamond production.
Natal: The Garden Province
April 01, 1931

Balmy weather in coastal Natal encourages the growth of sugarcane and bananas for export. By contrast, Natal National Park encompasses some of South Africa's most striking mountains.
South Africa Close-up
November 01, 1962

The author finds the good in a country tainted by the segregation of black citizens from white.
Oil and Penguins Don’t Mix
March 01, 1973

On breeding grounds off South Africa's tip penguins fall victim to egg-robbing seabirds and humans, and now to oil pollution from tankers rerouted by the closing of the Suez Canal in 1967.
The Eternal Treasure, Gold
January 01, 1974

Intrigued by a rise in the price of gold, the author investigates its properties, processing, historical uses, and alluring appeal.
South Africa's Lonely Ordeal
June 01, 1977

An island of white rule in a sea of black, South Africa tries to come to grips with rising demands for racial equality. William S. Ellis and James P. Blair assess its progress.

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