National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994

-- Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa --

Included in the 210,000 pages of National Geographic Magazine Archive are articles spanning a real wealth of subjects, cultures, nature, science, technology and the environment are all covered, as is content from the world over.

Read on to get a feel for the content written from and about Sub-Saharan Africa, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to organise a trial for your institution to enable you to read these papers in full.

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Meet Kenya Man
October 01, 2001

Meet Kenya Man Humankind’s family tree sprouts a new branch with Meave Leakey’s discovery of a hominid skull.
Kenya: A Population Exploding
December 01,1988

Kenya’s population--growing at the fastest rate on earth--places enormous strains on a largely agrarian country with little arable land. The Munoru family, part of Kenya’s Kikuyu tribe, is featured.
Kenya’s Patas Monkeys: Life on a Fast Track
February 01, 2004

World’s Fastest Monkeys Kenya’s patas monkeys not only run fast, they eat fast, reproduce fast-and some are dying fast.
Royal Gold of the Asante Empire
October 01, 1996

The regalia of an Asante king in Ghana dazzles his subjects at the lavish celebration of his 25-year reign.
Progress and Pageantry in Changing Nigeria: Bulldozers and Penicillin, Science and Democracy Come to Grips With Colorful Age-old Customs in Britain’s Largest Colony
September 01,1956

Queen Elizabeth pays an unprecedented visit to her rapidly modernizing colony where bulldozers and penicillin, science and democracy come to grips with age-old customs.
The Threatened Ways of Kenya’s Pokot People
January 01, 1982

Anthropologist Elizabeth L. Meyerhoff lived for six years among Pokot farmers and herders of western Kenya. She and photographer Murray Roberts record their vanishing costumes and traditional rituals.
Fantasty Coffins of Ghana: To Heaven by Land, Sea, or Air
September 01, 1994

With a new funerary tradition--brightly painted coffins shaped like animals, airplanes, and luxury autos--Ghanaians honor the dead and celebrate their lives.
The New English Province of Northern Nigeria
November 01, 1904

British troops seized the Nigerian city of Kano in February, 1903--the British now control much of northern Nigeria.

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