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Sweden, Land of White Birch and White Coal
National Geographic Magazine, October 01, 1928

A proud, independent country, Sweden first gained wealth from its plentiful forests but now water power, or white coal, also fuels progress.
Types and Costumes of Old Sweden
National Geographic Magazine, October 01, 1928

In the Dal region of Sweden, traditional costume varies from parish to parish, and the style and color of a woman's cap can indicate her marital status.
The Granite City of the North: Austere Stockholm, Sweden's Prosperous Capital, Presents a Smiling Aspect in Summer
National Geographic Magazine, October 01, 1928

Prosperous, clean, and cultured, Stockholm sets and maintains high standards that visitors appreciate.
Life's Flavour on a Swedish Farm: From the Rocky Hills of Smaland Thousands of Sturdy Citizens Have Emigrated to the United States
National Geographic Magazine, September 01, 1939

A third of all Swedish emigrants to the United States once lived on the highland plateau of Smaland, where residents spin wool, cut hay, plant rye, and spend countless hours hauling rocks from their farms.
Rural Sweden Through American Eyes: A Visitor in Peacetime Finds Warmth, Welcome, and Strange Folkways On a Century-old Farm
National Geographic Magazine, June 01, 1940

An American woman visits a traditional Swedish farm, where peasants harvest crops, churn butter, pick berries, carve wooden horses, crochet, and prepare delicious meals in busy kitchens.
Sweden, Quiet Workshop for the World
National Geographic Magazine, April 01, 1963

A model industrial European nation, Sweden pays homage to its traditions and culture while remaining a leader in all things modern.
Gotland: Sweden's Treasure Island
National Geographic Magazine, August 01, 1973

A former Viking stronghold, the Baltic island of sunny Swedes lives by farming, small-scale industry, and tourism.
Sweden: In Search of a New Model
National Geographic Magazine, August 01, 1993

Architects of a model welfare state, Swedes find their tidy world challenged by economic recession and immigrants behaving in decidedly un-Swedish ways.

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