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"The Flower of Paradise": The Part Which Khat Plays in the Life of the Yemen Arab
National Geographic Magazine, August 01, 1917

Sacrificing himself to science, the author eats kat, a psychoactive substance in a plant imported centuries ago into Yemen from Abyssina. Chewing kat is an integral part of daily life in Yemen.
The Rock of Aden: The Volcanic Mountain Fortress, on the Sea Route from Suez to India, Assumes New Importance
National Geographic Magazine, December 01, 1935

Though an extinct volcano, barren Aden is crucial to Britain because of its strategic location at the mouth of the Red Sea, halfway between Egypt and India.
Yemen--Southern Arabia's Mountain Wonderland
National Geographic Magazine, November 01, 1947

Harlan B. Clark visits the ancient land now known as of Yemen, reputed home of the Queen of Sheba, and reports on the way of life for most Yemenis.
Yemen Opens the Door to Progress: American Scientists Visit This Arabian Land at the Invitation of Its King to Improve the Health of His People
National Geographic Magazine, February 01, 1952

A group of American scientists and doctors travel to Yemen at the invitation of its king, to improve the health of the Yemeni people.
Along the Storied Incense Roads of Aden
National Geographic Magazine, February 01, 1957

Beyond the port of Aden stretches the little-travelled hinterland of the British colony Yemen, a land of desert tribes and potential petroleum wealth.
Behind the Veil of Troubled Yemen
National Geographic Magazine, March 01, 1964

Wracked by civil war, an ancient Arabian land struggles to find its place in the 20th century.
North Yemen 
National Geographic Magazine, August 01, 1979

Noel Grove and photographer Steve Raymer find this ancient, once fertile land plagued by fractious neighbors, splintered loyalties, and full-tilt inflation as it seeks a secure future amid the power politics of the Middle East.

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