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Peoples and Cultures


Students, researchers, enthusiasts – everyone loves videos. Now you can offer them the best. National Geographic’s selection of videos covers a wide range of engaging topics your patrons want: animals, the environment, peoples and culture, science, technology, travel and more.

Animal Videos

Thrill to the sight of rarely seen Pacific sharks, watch grey wolves form a hunting pack, or just enjoy the antics of a baby chimpanzee in Tanzania. When it comes to animal videos to support student assignments or engage general patrons, nobody delivers like the most trusted name in exploration and discovery: National Geographic.

 Examples include:
  • Baby Chimp
  • Lemon Sharks
  • Pelican Banding
  • Rarely Seen Sharks
  • Wolf Hunting Tactics

Environment Videos

Environmental videos from National Geographic inform and educate while they entertain. These professionally produced, fact-packed productions cover everything from erupting volcanoes and underground spelunking to the changing Antarctic ice and the secret toxins found in your own living room.
Examples include:
  • Antarctica Ice
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Underground Adventure: Spelunking
  • Volcanic Lifestyle

History Videos

Support the core curriculum for students while engaging general patrons in history topics. Only National Geographic videos bring to new life such events as Columbus’ discovery of the New World, the Industrial Revolution, the immigrant experience in America, and the history of the space shuttle.
Examples include:
  • An Industrial Nation
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Immigrants
  • Space Shuttle History

Peoples & Cultures Videos

The study of peoples and cultures isn’t limited to core curriculum subjects like history and social sciences. Users of all ages and backgrounds will find value in National Geographic videos. These brief, compelling productions provide accessible, balanced coverage of topics like blood feuds in Albania, the life of Kyoto geishas and Muslim pilgrimages to Mecca.
Examples include:
  • Blood Feud
  • Geishas
  • Inside Mecca
  • Living in Tombs
  • Tuareg Farmer

Travel Videos

What better way to get acquainted with a destination than through video? Bring the sights, sounds and impressions of faraway places with National Geographic travel videos. Use these short, authoritative videos to help everyone from vacationers planning a Colorado river-rafting adventure to a professional about to pitch business in Northern Ireland.
Examples include: