The Technology

Nineteenth Century Collections Online is built upon a state-of-the-art technology platform that features a range of tools and features that support cutting-edge digital research.

Textual Analysis Tools

Identify patterns, trends and relationships with these unique tools that allow users to explore the content in completely original ways. In addition to providing new avenues for searching, underlying data and text is exportable for further analysis.

Term clusters

A specially developed algorithm that creates clusters of terms based on the first 100 words of the first 100 search results per content type - manuscripts, monographs, newspapers etc. Clicking on a category enables users to refine their search further.

Subject Indexing

Detailed subject indexing is essential to digital research. Nineteenth Century Collections Online features indexing that makes the content accessible and exposes key elements within the data. Comprehensive subject indexing reveals important topics, people, places, and dates, identifying relationships among documents.

Image Viewer

Zoom, highlight, rotate, reverse (negative image), and view individual pages in full screen mode, with the ability to adjust brightness and contrast to create a custom view.

Zotero Compatible

Nineteenth Century Collections Online is optimised for use with this very popular and robust browser-based tool for collecting, citing, and organising research sources.

User-Generated Tags and Annotations

Users can create and add their own metadata for document categorisation. Tags can be shared publicly or used privately to organise documents for particular research needs. Text can be highlighted and annotated with virtual notes for personal use.

User Accounts

Personal accounts allow users to save and edit their tags and annotations.