Business & Law

Our extensive business and law portfolio includes a wide range of products including:

Digital Archives – including The Economist Historical ArchiveThe Times Digital Archive and The Making of Modern Law
Periodical Collections – such as InfoTrac Newsstand and Custom Journals
Print & eBooks – through the Gale Virtual Reference Library
Directories – through the Gale Directory Library
Resource Centers – such as Small Business Resource Center and Business and Company Resource Center


Highlights include...

Gale Business Insights: Global

Gale Business Insights:™ Global is the first online business resource that empowers students to not just research topics, but to interpret their research. Deep business intelligence powered by statistical data lets students spend less time searching for data – and more time connecting their discoveries to practical applications.

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Gale Business Insights: Essentials

Research and compare companies and industries using industry rankings, company profiles, market share data, investment reports, charts, graphs, and more.

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Gale Directory Library (GDL)

The Gale Directory Library is an online environment in which to search, extract and manipulate directory information with ease and convenience. GDL takes these valuable reference volumes off the shelf and makes them available to everyone, everywhere at the click of a mouse.   With expanded data and state-of-the-art search and export features, important works like the Graham & Whiteside Major Companies Series and Gale's Encyclopedia of International Organizations are transformed into powerful research tools for students, companies and professionals of all kinds.   GDL allows you to select the directories that meet your needs and budget and make them available to your users any time, from anywhere.

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The Business Collection

We also offer The Business Collection on Gale Virtual Reference Library

The Business Collection from Gale brings together 28 different titles looking at the different aspects of business, economics and finance. Subjects range from e-commerce to manufacturing to marketing and management. These titles provide up-to-date and comprehensive information, enabling your library to meet your patrons' needs. Furthermore the information is available anytime, anywhere.

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New GVRL titles

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