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Globalisation is the biggest opportunity and the greatest challenge for the future of business. As students and researchers face a new marketplace, they need an edge. You can provide it - with access to timely and relevant case studies, business research, robust data sets and the tools to analyse them.

Introducing Gale Business Insights:™ Global — a first-of-its-kind online resource designed to address the needs of a new global generation by giving students and researchers a true competitive advantage in the international marketplace.

Gale Business Insights: Global offers the most convenient and comprehensive way to find case studies, articles, data points and in-depth statistical information coupled with deep research.

"This is a sophisticated database with powerful search capabilities that are easy to use. The...way in which Gale has interwoven the various pieces of information makes for a product that goes beyond simply providing stand-alone collections of information—it enables researchers to see complex relationships clearly and to get fuller stories than mere data alone can convey. I give it a nine and recommend it to libraries serving undergraduate and graduate business and social science researchers."

Read the whole review by Cheryl LaGuardia in the Library Journal by clicking through.

We're frequently adding to Gale Business Insights: Global. Recently released new features include:
  • Video  player (plus additional video content; compatible with Apple iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad)
  • Company hierarchy display (showing parent and subsidiary companies)
  • Search results grouped into buckets with headers (profiles, brands, and other content)
  • Company brands (via deep link on company profile pages)
  •  Ability to search for brand information via basic search
  • Subject guide search (link via advanced search).

The University of Exeter recently completed a trial of Gale Business Insights: Global. The following quotes are from students who used it during the trial:

"Business Insights: Global is a very useful resource for business students, therefore searches are within business areas. Easy interface. Relevant case studies.”

"I really liked this resource and found it had some very useful articles and information that is quite hard to find elsewhere about companies. I also found it very easy to use."

"This is probably the best database of information that is available!"

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