Features and Benefits

Gale Business Insights: Global combines an international perspective and sophisticated research tools with convenient access to a range of comprehensive learning materials. Designed to move researchers quickly to higher levels of understanding and application, Gale Business Insights: Global uses case studies, statistical data sources, news articles, academic journals and topical reference materials organized by country, company and industry to quickly engage users in the global business environment.

Benefits for Academic Librarians

By combining extensive authoritative data and powerful analytical tools, Gale Business Insights: Global turns international business intelligence into a broader understanding.

  • Students are equipped to research international business topics and compare global economies, companies and industries in the context of timely news and reports. Interactive charting tools make it easy to analyze statistical data
  • Educators are enabled to better teach international business topics with access to authoritative content organized around countries, global data sets and case studies that bridge the gap between the research environment and the learning environment
  • Librarians are empowered to meet the needs of professors and students seeking hard-to-find data, demonstrating the enduring value of the library to the academic institution.

Benefits for Public Libraries and Corporate Needs

Gale Business Insights: Global presents business professionals, entrepreneurs, and the general business researcher with access to comprehensive international business intelligence, compiled into a logical, useable context.

  • Professionals have access to detailed information on global businesses, comprehensive overviews on countries, interactive rankings and stats, and quick links to associated news, case studies and articles
  • Entrepreneurs have the ability to compare multiple metrics, suggested metrics and inline article content allowing them to explore the broader context behind events and trends they perceive in economic data
  • Business researchers will increase productivity by locating hard-to-find data, accomplishing tasks and meeting goals more quickly and easily with advanced search features and extensive deep links within search results.

Benefits for Colleges

With its clean, modern design, Gale Business Insights: Global will benefit college students and enhance their learning through a real range of interlinked, diverse resources spanning a multitude of disciplines.

  • The modern interface is intuitive to use - tools such as search assist and the suggestion of linked search terms ensure that it is easy to navigate around and completely user-friendly
  • The material included is not only vast - it's authoritative and in-depth too. You'll find content included from a range of sources including UK and international newspapers, journals and more
  • The 'related articles' feature reveals articles linked to those you are searching for. This encourages the exploration of the content and increases learning
  • The platform exposes students to higher-level research they will need during their further education, be it at university or other.

Watch the Product Preview

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