Submit a Case Study

We're seeking case studies to include in Gale Business Insights: Global, as well inclusion in the second volume of CaseBase: Case Studies in Global Business, to be published in June 2012.

We are interested in case studies with an international focus that also:

  • Describe business in a global context, especially in emerging markets or countries
  • Provide an overview of emerging issues in business from a global perspective, free of specific country bias
  • Consider different perspectives to help develop a broader understanding of the business environment.

Case studies should be designed to complement the study of business and business related topics, wherever in the world the student or instructor happens to be. Cases that supplement textbooks in business or have been used in the classroom by the author are especially welcome.

Case studies should include a series of suggested learning objectives that help the reader to focus on a particular aspect or outcome of the case, and a series of questions designed to link back to the learning objectives and which target higher order skills typical of those assessed at higher education.

Submission and Publication Process

Case Study proposals will be reviewed within six weeks of being received. Upon acceptance of your proposal, you will be invited to submit the final case. Acceptance criteria include:

  • the currency or importance of the topic
  • whether the case fills a gap in the current case literature
  • how valuable the case may be to an instructor or in the classroom
  • the overall quality of the writing and approach.

Case studies may be based in field research or secondary sources.

Please send your proposal to [email protected]. Be sure to include your full name, contact info, and affiliation.