Gale Directory Library allows researchers to:

- Search it like a database while the library owns it like a book
- Move information from the reference desk to the online world
- Perform state-of-the-art searches
- Sort and export data to analyse or generate mailing lists
- Search 24/7 from any Internet-connected computer
- Print, e-mail or download individual entries
- Perform further research through hot-linked websites and e-mail addresses
- Perform one search and automatically cross-reference multiple content resources
- Generate custom results from marked items lists
- Access historical data through available backfiles
- Eliminate much of the legwork, allowing a better focus and understanding on the content
GDL provides accurate and trusted information from well-known resources

A research & marketing tool

With GDL, researchers can perform a range of data sorting, filtering and exporting activities. These innovative features make it an essential tool for both research and marketing.

• Find contacts – find a company, person, publication, association and more. Basic search lets users quickly look up entries by name or keyword. Alternatively use Advanced Search to search

• Generate lists and analyse trends – export search results and use them in programmes like Excel to generate mailing lists or for more detailed data analysis

• Cross-searchable – this innovative platform hosts a growing number of directory titles. Each title can be searched individually by its own unique data fields, or users can search across the entire directory collection

Enables time series analysis

Gale Directory Library lets users build a collection of directory information over time and perform time series analyses of the data. If a researcher is interested in knowing how a certain industry fared within a specific state, GDL makes it easy. Using GDL and Excel, the user can chart revenue generated by the top-100 companies in that industry over the past four or five years. Then accurate comparisons of another state, or another industry can be made. With GDL's data export feature, the detailed information in the directory library truly comes alive.

From the basic or advanced search screens, users can limit their search to only the most current data, or the entire backfile. Alternatively, researchers can limit their search to specific years.