Small Business Resource Center

1.  Small Business Resource Center is a great resource to supplement teaching on small businesses and entrepreneurship. The resource covers all major areas of starting and operating a business. It is a great educational tool for one of the fastest growing courses of study on campuses nationwide

2.  By helping teach basic skills such as managing financials or writing a business plan, Small Business Resource Center can help speed the learning curve for students by offering real-world experiences and examples

3.  Gives students the needed resources to explore small businesses and entrepreneurship, this solution is the first step in supporting the economy which relies heavily on the success of these ventures

  • Includes specialty/vertical market and general business journals
  • Real-world, industry specific marketing examples along with insight into market trends and market share
  • Users of all types can rely on the information provided — from entrepreneurs to jobseekers — from students and faculty to business professionals
  • Links to Gale LegalForms if institution subscribes to this database
  • Developed based on librarian feedback, making it easy to search and highly intuitive for all users
  • Helpful subject guide and navigation buttons allow users to search on business topics, business types, and sample business plans
  • Provides the prospective and current entrepreneurial community with a source for the answers they’re looking for, enhancing business longevity
  • Online solution, providing users with 24/7 access
  • Includes the well-known Business Plans Handbook Series, containing hundreds of sample business plans and business plan “templates”
  • Features John Wiley & Sons “Portable MBA” series and other small