NewsVault Special Collection: The Queen

Every June, we see the anniversary of The Queen succeeding to the throne. To recognise this occasion, we have hand-picked a selection of articles from Gale NewsVault and made them freely available for a limited time.

Read on for highlights such as The Queen's 1977 trip to Australia, the break-in at Buckingham Palace and the attempt made on her life in 1981.

Please note: some of these articles are large in size, so may take a few moments to load.

The Road to the Throne
Picture Post,  Saturday, February 23, 1952; pg. 12; Issue 8.

"She grew up to love horses and hate mathematics. Her grandfather died. Her uncle abdicated. Her father was King. And then, when she was married and a mother, setting out to visit her father’s subjects at the other end of the earth, her father died. She was Queen. And this is her story..."

The New Queen
The Times, Thursday, Feb 07, 1952; pg. 9; Issue 52229.

"This was the Princess’ first journey outside the British Isles, and the beginning of her introduction to those dominions beyond the seas over which, equally with the United Kingdom, she will now reign..."

The Queen's Christmas Day Broadcast
The Listener, Thursday, December 30, 1954; pg. 1141; Issue 1348.

"When we look at the landscape of our life on this earth there is in the minds of all of us a tendency to admire the peaks and to ignore the foothills and the fertile plain from which they spring..."

A Passenger Ship of Revolutionary Design: Our Special Artist's Impression of the New Shaw Savill
Liner, S. S. Southern Cross, Due to Be Launched by the Queen

Illustrated London News, Saturday, August 14, 1954; pg. 256-257; Issue 6017.

"This...will make it possible to lay out a continuous series of large public rooms, cabin accommodation...and a clear sun deck...One of the features of the vessel will be the large and magnificent cinema lounge..."

A Visit from 'Miss Kiwin'
The Listener, Thursday, April 07, 1977; pg. 443; Issue 2503.

"In Tonga, rather over-estimating the royal appetite, they slaughtered (or, more specifically, strangled) 400 suckling-pigs for a huge open-air banquet. Actually, the Queen has a very small appetite, and caterers are warned not to give her large portions..."

Attack on The Queen
Illustrated London News
, Saturday, July 25, 1981; pg. 17; Issue 6996.

"The youth was immediately overpowered by a guardsman and police..."

Intruder 'found at Queen's bedside'
The Times, Monday, Jul 12, 1982; pg. 1; Issue 61283.

"The Queen was able to persuade the intruder that she was going to fetch the cigarettes when, opening the door, she called a footman on duty in the corridor..."

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