NewsVault Special Collection: The Titanic

On 15th April 1912, the Titanic sank, taking with it approximately 1500 lives. 100 years after the extent of the tragedy was realised, we have hand-picked a collection of articles old and new which we hope will be of interest.

Titanic Sunk
The Times, Tuesday, Apr 16, 1912; pg. 9; Issue 39874.

Hope Of Further Aid Abandoned
The Times, Wednesday, Apr 17, 1912; pg. 10; Issue 39875.

On Board the 'Titanic'
Commander C. H. Lightoller
The Listener, Wednesday, November 04, 1936; pg. 864; Issue 408.

In the Sea-Lane the "Titanic" Sailed: Icebergs off Newfoundland
Illustrated London News, Saturday, April 20, 1912; Issue 3809.

Thoughts On The "Titanic" Disaster
The Economist, Saturday, April 27, 1912; pg. 890; Issue 3583.

Penny Illustrated Paper, Saturday, May 11, 1912; pg. 585; Issue 2659.

To Prevent Another "Titanic" Disaster: Blowing up Icebergs
Illustrated London News, Saturday, June 14, 1924; pg. 1107; Issue 4443.

Sunk at last: some myths about the Titanic
The Times, Thursday, Apr 15, 1982; pg. 10; Issue 61208.

Choose Ocean Relics with Care
The Financial Times, Saturday, January 15, 2005; pg. 28; Edition 35,662.

W.T. Stead

One of the lives taken in the sinking of the Titanic was that of W.T. Stead.

The Late W. T. Stead
The Financial Times,Monday, July 08, 1912; pg. 5; Edition 7,454.

The Sinking Of The Titanic
The Times, Thursday, Apr 18, 1912; pg. 12; Issue 39876.

Why I went to Prison
Penny Illustrated Paper, Saturday, November 19, 1910; pg. 649; Issue 2582.

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