InfoTrac Periodical Solutions

InfoTrac Periodical Solutions provides what 21st-century researchers expect: instant access to complete, up-to-date content. It allows you to put the world's leading journals and reference sources at your users' fingertips, with easy-to-use features and unique search tools enabling discovery. With collections tailored to specific types of user from scholarly and academic to business, school and general interest, InfoTrac has something to offer all libraries.

Tools and Features

In a recent information literacy study, undergraduate-level students described research as ‘exciting’ but ‘overwhelming’*.  Three-quarters said they struggled with selecting keywords and formulating efficient search queries, and over half felt overwhelmed by the large number of search results usually returned. Resources on the InfoTrac platform address these common difficulties through an attractive, easy-to-to use interface and powerful technological innovations which allow visual analysis of results.

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Manual indexing nets more accurate search results, and boosts the potential of technology such as Interlink which relies on the accuracy of indexing. Over 1.2 million articles on InfoTrac are manually indexed each year, making Gale unique amongst major aggregators, with the most accurate indexing on the market.

Plus, a smaller percentage of journals on InfoTrac are under embargo than other aggregators’ platforms – and embargo lengths are shorter than elsewhere. This is one of InfoTrac’s greatest strengths as studies have shown that usage drops quickly as an article ages, suggesting access to the most recent material is vital.

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Tailored Collections

InfoTrac is an enormous content repository of high-quality periodicals; academic journals, major newspapers, popular magazines, audio, video and much more. To ensure access is affordable and manageable, institutions can subscribe to tailored collections put together by our expert curators, or use InfoTrac Custom for a bespoke subscription to whichever periodicals titles they require. Everything on InfoTrac is available on a subscription basis – both Custom and pre-assembled collections.

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Don’t just take our word for it

To give you the chance to experience how revolutionary InfoTrac technology is, and why it’s the best choice for your institution, we offer free trials of all InfoTrac collections.

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 *Learning the Ropes: How Freshmen Conduct Course Research Once They Enter College, Harvard/University of Washington information literacy study, 04 December 2013