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Gale Knowledge Portals are a new generation of resources from Gale providing image rich, dynamic, online resources. Designed to be a comprehensive multidisciplinary one-stop resource of key topics, including the environment, global issues and awareness, Gale Knowledge Portals are essential student resources for all levels.

Key Features

  • Continuously updated content and features
  • Encourages exploration via visually-appealing layout; looks and feels like popular websites students use every day
  • Engages multi-media savvy students with content like images, videos, gadgets
  • Encourages students to get involved and conduct further research with related links and websites
  • Keeps it current via real-time news that compliments the content
The Gale Knowledge Portal collection:
Global Reference on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (GREENR)
Global Issues in Context (GIC)


GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources) is a new online resource that offers authoritative content on the development of emerging green technologies and discusses issues on the environment, sustainability and more.

A one-stop site, this resource provides news, background information, video, unique commentaries, primary source documents and statistics in highly accessible, visually appealing research areas.
  • Country portals covering more than 160 nations
  • Topic/Issue portals in more than 150 categories, from animal welfare to wind energy
  • Organisation portals providing overviews and links to international organisations
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Global Issues in Context

Global Issues in Context is a global multidisciplinary resource that empowers users with the tools they need to understand today’s world issues from a global perspective.

Issues and countries form the core of this dynamic product, which uses a wealth of resources to explain the historical and contemporary conditions necessary to understand global issues, conflicts and events.

Global Issues in Context supports research in virtually every corner of the library and in a wide variety of subject areas, including sociology, current events, civics, politics, science, economics, cultural/religious studies, women’s studies, human rights, English composition and many more.

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Gale Knowledge Portals are designed with the end user in mind. They combine authoritative content with rich multimedia to provide an interactive, multidisciplinary global learning experience