Gale World Scholar - Latin America & the Caribbean

"...beyond simply providing access to a selection of archives, Gale World Scholar is designed to offer guidance on the research process to students and to give students a way to determine which specific collections and archives will best cover the research they need to conduct."
June 2011 issue of Information Today, published by Information Today, Inc.
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Gale World Scholar is an innovative new resource for regional studies, combining primary and secondary sources to meet the needs and workflows of students and researchers. Gale World Scholar gathers together instructive learning content with high-value, rare research material giving regional studies an exciting new perspective.

Gale World Scholar is a series consisting of collections that focus on major regions of the world:
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East and North Africa - Coming Soon
  • China
  • South East Asia
  • India

Gale World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean

The first release of Gale World Scholar delves into one of the most studied areas in the world, Latin America and the Caribbean. Curated by an advisory board of experts in Latin American studies,  the collection is designed to enrich research and  student assignments. This resource unlocks previously inaccessible primary and secondary source documents from libraries around the world placing them in an engaging online environment populated by interactive tools and rich multimedia including BBC News and the New York Times video collection.

Home page with Featured Categories, Topics and Historical Documents

Covering Latin America culture and society from the 15th century to the present day, the collection consist of a Portal and Archive component. Launching with 293 portals based on Person, Topic, Event, Named Work and Country types users can delve into over 1.3M pages of archival material (Archive) and hundreds of periodicals, newspapers, magazines, reports, and data feeds (Portal). The Portal and Archive components work together in perfect complement, but each can be purchased or subscribed to individually depending on the needs of the library. The multi-discplinary range of Gale World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean ensures it meets the needs of researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates with interests in regional studies, history, political science, anthropology, sociology, economics and international relations. Its content and features include:
  • Featured Categories and Topics
  • Over 1million pages of archival content selected for each Applicable Portal
  • Hundreds of scholarly journals, newspapers  and periodicals
  • Authoritative overviews, regularly updated
  • New Image viewer allowing for cropping and highlighting
  • Full-page view, two-page view, vertical or horizontal display
  • “Fast-Flip” of primary source documents

Featured Categories and Topics combining the best of secondary and primary sources

Gale World Scholar
is unrivalled in its ability to integrate learning and research content into the one online resource, encouraging students to become researchers. This resource instructs students in the basics providing them with the essential context they need to do  more challenging research.