University of Kansas Libraries - post-1850 collection

The Making of the Modern World Part II  contains materials from the Kansas collection including books, pamphlets, and periodicals, numbering nearly 1,200 titles. Researchers will find the works of  well-known international writers such as:
  • English economist William Stanley Jevons
  • Belgian economist Émile de Laveleye
  • Italian economist Achille Loria
  • American economists Henry Charles Carey and Edwin Seligman
  • German economists Franz Oppenheimer, Lujo Brentano, Adolf Wagner, and Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk
  • French economist Charles Gide;
  • French economic journalist Paul Lerov-Beaulieu
  • German land reformer Adolf Damaschke
  • Numerous publications of the Cobden Club
Among the unique features of the post-1850 collection is the large number of lesser-known writers along with the writings of approximately 60 women anarchists, economists, socialists, entrepreneurs, and labour organisers including Annie Besant, Kate Morgenroth, Beatrice Webb and Rosa Luxembourg.

Also unique is the large number of translations in the collection.  Although some of the translations are in English, most are in other languages: French, German, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Italian and Spanish. Titles which span all of the languages include biographies, dictionaries, bio-bibliographies, yearbooks, dissertations, general treatises, book critiques, bibliographies, commemorative histories of organizations (commonly banks), festschriften, and textbooks.

This collection traces the development of economic ideas and the general political and philosophical thought of the period. The era witnessed a wave of new theories; theories advocating government regulation for social reform, supporting nationalisation of sectors of the economy, and favouring protection as opposed to free trade.

The following is a list of general topics which encompass many of the titles in this collection:
  • Economic conditions in approximately 80 countries
  • Events in economic history (e.g. strikes, conferences, treaties)
  • Finance (e.g. Credit, Prices, Stocks, Loans, Savings)
  • Free trade and protection issue
  • Labor issues (e.g., Trade-unions, Hours of labor, Wages, Unemployment, Guilds, Strikes and lockouts, Industrial arbitration, Labor-management relations).
  • Land (e.g. Land tenure, Land reform, Real property, Valuation)
  • Laws and Legislation (i.e. texts of specific laws and legal aspects of the topics on this fist)
  • Political theories (e.g. Socialism, Capitalism)
  • Politics and government (in many jurisdictions including public administration on the local, state, and federal levels)
  • Population issues (e.g. Malthusianism, Growth of cities, Birth control)
  • Products (e.g. Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Quinine, Cotton, Leather Goods, Grain)
  • Women (predominantly in business, in the labour movement and women’s rights)