The Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative and International Law, 1600-1926

The sixth  part in Gale's widely acclaimed The Making of Modern Law series features international and foreign law primary source materials, including monographs on the laws of foreign jurisdictions. Coverage is primarily from the 19th and early 20th century, but there are also several hundred classics in European international law since the 17th century.

The Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative and International Law, 1600-1926
, brings together  over 3,450 foreign, comparative, and international titles (1.4m fully digitised pages) on a unique cross-searchable platform. Approx. 50% of the monographs are in non Englsh languages including: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and Latin.

Quick Facts

  • Over 3,450 titles
  • Over 1.4 million pages

International Law

Its International Law component features works of some of the great legal theorists, including Gentili, Grotius, Selden, Zouche, Pufendorf, Bijnkershoek, Wolff, Vattel, Martens, Mackintosh and Wheaton. It deals with the legal system governing relations between nations, such as the law of the sea and the law of war and peace. The modern concept extends to international organisations, nations, and individuals. Human rights and international trade are among new subjects in public international law.

Foreign Law

The Foreign Law component features foreign legal treatises from a variety of countries, covering the national and sub-national (e.g., provincial) laws or jurisdictions. Because the term "treatise" is more of a common-law category, the equivalent works in civil-law systems may have other names such as commentaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, monographs, or festschriften. 

Comparative Law

The Comparative Law component features books that compare more than one legal system. Comparative Law Scholars do not agree on how many types of legal systems exist in the world, but the major types are common law, civil law, Talmudic, Islamic, and indigenous legal systems. The archive also includes Roman and canon law in various languages. These documents showcase that the roots of English common law can be found in the deep recesses of European history.

Source Libraries

The materials in this archive are drawn from three world-class American law libraries: the Yale Law Library, the George Washington University Law Library, and the Columbia Law Library.

The Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative and International Law, 1600-1926, complements the award-winning The Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926.  Foreign, Comparative and International Law  provides researchers with instant, full-text access to primary source documents previously found only at the largest and oldest source libraries.

Areas covered:

Ancient Law International Law Comparative Law Foreign Law
Roman Law Islamic Law Jewish Law

Principal Countries covered include:

ItalyMexicoNetherlandsSouth AfricaSpainSwitzerland

Related Subject Areas:

Constitutional LawEuropean HistoryGovernment
International AffairsPhilosophyPolitical Science
Diplomatic HistoryInternational PoliticsLegal History

Sample titles in International Law:

  • Letters on international relations before and during the war of 1870 (1871)
  • The influence of Grenville on Pitt's foreign policy, 1787-1798 (1904)
  • An account of British and Proceedings of the International naval conference, held in London, December 1908-February 1909. Presented to both houses of Parliament… (1909)
  • The freedom of commerce in war (1914)
  • The early diplomatic relations between the United States and Japan, 1853-1865. (1917)
  • The treaty of peace between the Allied and Associated Powers and Germany, the Protocol annexed thereto : the Agreement respecting the military occupation of the territories of the Rhine, and the Treaty between France and Great Britain respecting assistance to France and Great Britain respecting assistance to France in the event of unprovoked aggression by Germany : signed at Versailles, June 28th, 1919 (1919)
  • The Hungarian peace negotiations : an account of the work of the Hungarian Peace Delegation at Neuilly, from January to March 1920 (1921)
  • International trade mark law and practice (1925)
  • International and inter-religious private law in Palestine (1926)
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