The Making of Modern Law: Foreign Primary Sources, 1600–1970

Scope: Statutes and codes of Great Britain, France, Germany, Northern and Central European jurisdictions
Languages: 45% - 50% in English; 50% - 55% in Western European languages
Contributing libraries: Yale Law Library; Harvard Law School Library; and George Washington University Law Library
Number of titles: ~1,500 – 2,000
Number of pages: ~1.4+ million
The seventh part in this series offers legal historians superseded codes in an easy-to-find online format. Designed to complement the treatises in MOML: FCIL by offering the “primary sources” of law, MOML: FPS includes regulations, session laws, and codes and commentaries. The materials are sourced from Yale, Harvard, and George Washington University.

Detailed overview

Subjects covered:

Administration of JusticeCivil LawCivil ProcedureCommercial LawCriminal Procedure
Forestry and Agricultural LawCustomary LawMaritime LawMilitary LawCriminal Law

Jurisdictions include Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as other countries in northern and Eastern Europe. Of interest to historians is the inclusion of texts in Western languages on significant topics, such as Ausfurhliches handbuch uber den Code Napoleon (1810) and Motivi, Rapporti, opinioni e discorsi … per la formazione del codice napoleone (1838-1849). The large British component, which includes Public General Acts, 1801-1922, assures that about half the titles are in English.

Please see the detailed overview page for more information broken down per country.

Document “Types” (subject to change)
Session Laws
Codes and Commentaries, including codes in the following categories:
•    Administration of Justice
•    Civil Law
•    Civil Procedure
•    Commercial Law
•    Criminal Law
•    Criminal Procedure
•    Customary Law
•    Forestry and Agricultural Law
•    Maritime Law
•    Military Law
•    Other Codes and Commentaries

Jurisdictions (subject to change)
Great Britain

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