Wandering Minstrels - the story of a forgotten Victorian orchestra>>
Sandra Tuppen, August 17, 2012, Music in the British Library blog - as featured in NCCO: British Theatre, Music, and the Arts

Wandering Mistrels>>
The story of the famous British orchestra in the late 1800s - as featured in NCCO: British Theatre, Music, and the Arts
Sarah Walker, BBC Radio 3, August 18, 2012,
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Digitising the Nineteenth Century>>

By Laura Berry, Your Family History Magazine, June 15, 2012,

eReviews: Nineteenth Century Collections Online>>
By Cheryl LaGuardia, Library Journal, June 1, 2012

Great Expectations for Gale's Nineteenth Century Collections Online>>
By Michelle Manafy, eContent Magazine,  May 18, 2012   

Cengage's plans to digitise the 19th century could open up a whole new world>>
By Matthew Reisz,  The Times Higher Education,  April 26, 2012


"I've thoroughly enjoyed exploring the material in the first two archives - British Politics and Society and European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection. It really is most impressive - very easy to navigate, extraordinarily good definition of hand-written archival material, and including some pretty obscure - and hence invaluable - finds amongst what has been loaded on the two archives. Nineteenth Century Collections Online is clearly destined to become a gold star resource for economic and social historians."
Dr. Brian Robson - Director, Centre for Urban Policy Studies (CUPS), The University of Manchester

"The British Library is delighted to be partnering with Gale Cengage Learning to provide access to some of our rare and unique holdings from the 19th Century via the innovative Nineteenth Century Collections Online platform. NCCO's options for search and navigation through rich content from many libraries and archives opens up some of our vast collections in ways never possible before."

Simon Bell, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Licensing, The British Library