Primary Sources/Literary Works

From in-depth interviews and essays in Literature Resources from Gale to full-text works - plays, poems, essays and stories - in LitFinder, Literature Resources from Gale offers up a wealth of primary source content to users.


Literature Resource Center contains more than 7,000 interviews with contemporary writers and more than 10,000 links to National Public Radio segments on books, writing and publishing students and researchers. Users can listen to or read about the author speaking about his/her own work providing an even greater context to the work studied. Included among the thousands of interviews users will find:

  • Hilary Mantel's interview in The Spectator talking about her 2009 Booker prize winning novel, Wolf Hall (Aug. 2009)
  • Marilynne Robinson's interview on NPR (National Public Radio) talking about her book Home (Sept. 2008)
  • Dave Eggers' interview on NPR about his book Zeitoun (July, 2009)
  • A.S. Byatt's interview in Publisher's Weekly  about her book The Children's Hour (Aug. 2009)
  • Salman Rushdie's interview on NPR about his book The Enchantress of Florence (May 2008)
  • Umberto Eco's interview in the academic journal, Queen's Quarterly (Summer, 2006)

With one-click ease users can access these interviews with numerous biographies about the author, literature criticism and reviews, multimedia and work/topic overviews.

In LitFinder, users can explore more than 150,000 full text works - poems, short stories, plays, speeches, novels and essays, over 30,000 of which are contemporary and 1,250 of which are in Spanish with English translations. The content includes:

  • 7,100 full-text short stories and novels - classic and contemporary
  • 3,700 full text essays (from the 16th century- 20th century)
  • 1,300 full-text plays - one act plays, tragedies, comedies and religious plays
  • 2,400 famous speeches from antiquity to the present

    Among the thousands of full-text works users will find the works of writers past and present including:

  • More than 200 poems and plays of Shakespeare, including The Sonnets
  • More than 500 poems by Goethe and 10 of his plays including both Faust and Iphigenia in Taurus
  • More than 60 poems by Dante including numerous cantos from The Divine Commedy
  • Poems by Ted Hughes including An Otter
  • Poems by Sylvia Plath including Ariel and Daddy
  • Poems by W.H.Auden including Musee Des Beaux Arts

In the Literature Resources from Gale environment users can cross-search thse full-text literary works with numerous biographies, multimedia and work/topic overviews deepening their understanding of the work.

Gale Literary Sources provides workflow tools and features that are brand new to your Gale Literature Collections – term clusters, search assist functionality, mobile compatibility, interface translation, along with an easier and more dynamic search.