Religion and Philosophy

Our religion and philosophy portfolio offers an extensive range of key titles across media types:

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Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECC0): Philosophy & Religion Module

Eighteenth Century Collections Online opens a window onto a crucial turning point in Western religion and philosophy. This unique collection features in the original or English translation of the French philosophical works by Jean-Jacque Rousseau, Denis Diderot, Julian Offray De La Mettrie, Montesquieu and Voltaire. Researchers will also find publication of biographies, hymnals, sermons, tracts, catechisms and devotions along with key religious works: editions of Book of Common Prayer for the Church of England; the many doctrinal circulars of the Baptist Church and sets of liturgical works and papal statements of the Catholic Church.

State Papers Online

State Papers Online 1509-1714 (Parts 1-4) is a unique resource for the study of early modern religious history in Britain and Europe. The range of rare primary source material in this online archive of British State Papers is enormous and in Part Is and II (1509-1603) alone covers all they major religious themes of the Tudor period including: Henry VIII’s break with the Papacy; the development of the Reformation across Europe; the 1534 Act of Supremacy declaring Henry VIII Supreme Head of the Church in England; the dissolution of the monasteries in England; the religious allegiances influencing inter-European diplomacy and alliances; the publishing of new religious texts from the ‘Book of Common Prayer’ to Foxe’s ‘Book of Martyrs’; and Martin Luther's 95 theses on the power of indulgences (1517).

Archives Unbound

This new online resource digitises our most popular microfilm collections from Gale and Primary Source Media and makes them available to scholars 24/7. Between 5,000 to 200,000 pages per title, these collections act as a a small adjunct to our large digital collections making them a very affordable option for libraries and departments. Included in the first release are two key titles in the area of religion and theology.

-  Witchcraft in Europe and America  
-  Global Missions and Theology   
-  American Indian Correspondence: Presbyterian Historical Society Collection of Missionaries' Letters, 1833-1893  
-  Evangelism and the Syria-Lebanon Mission: Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Missions, 1869-1910   
-  Evangelism in Africa: Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Missions, 1835-1910   
-  Evangelism in India: Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Missions, 1833-1910    
-  Mountain People: Life and Culture in Appalachia     
-  Chinese Recorder and the Protestant Missionary Community in China, 1867-1941    

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Print and eBook (eReference) 

New titles available on GVRL include:

The Religion Collection on GVRL
The Religion Collection from Gale brings together 11 different titles looking at the major world religions and religious themes.These titles are available both in print and as eBooks. The eBook collection can be purchased in perpetuity or as an annual subscription and allows users 24/7 remote access. The religion titles below enable researchers to compare, contrast and better understand the concepts involved in world religion today. These titles provide up-to-date and comprehensive information, enabling your library to meet your patrons' needs. 

A sample selection of our most popular titles:

Encyclopedia Judaica - 2nd Edition

More than 30 years after the landmark Encyclopaedia Judaica was first released, Gale's Macmillan Reference and Keter Publishing House in Israel have collaborated once again to publish a second edition of the world's most authoritative and meticulously organised encyclopedia of Jewish life, history and religion. Encyclopaedia Judaica continues to serve users as the principal source for information on how Jewish people, the Jewish faith and the state of Israel have been shaped and influenced by the world. 22 Volumes, ISBN:9780028659282 Contact us for pricing.

New Catholic Encyclopedia

This revised edition features contributions from hundreds of scholars from all over the world, under the guidance of Catholic University of America's Reverend Berard Marthaler, O.F.M.Conv. and Gale. Incorporating content from the five supplementary volumes to the first edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia, this edition also features revised and new articles. Among the 12,000 entries in the Encyclopedia are articles on theology, philosophy, history, literary figures, saints, and musicians. Contact us for pricing.

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World

Islam and the Muslim World looks at Islam's role in the modern world, doing so in the context of the religion's history and development over the last 13 centuries. Containing thematic articles, biographies of key figures, definitions, illustrations, maps and more, this new encyclopedia fills a need in this key area of religious studies. Macmillan Reference USA, 2 Volumes ISBN:9780028659121 Contact us for pricing

Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Providing a comprehensive overview of one of Asia's most important religious and social forces, the Encyclopedia of Buddhism describes the Buddhist world view, basic teachings and practices of Buddhism, as well as its different schools and sects. In addition to containing entries on Buddhist scriptures, art, architecture, saints, demons, monastic orders, festivals, rites and ceremonies, the e-reference work explores the history of Buddhism, the different forms it has taken in different parts of the world, and how Buddhism has blended with other religions like Shinto, Confucianism, Daoism and Christianity. Macmillan Reference USA, 2 Volumes, ISBN: 9780028659107 Contact us for pricing.

For more information on these titles and to download the onesheet for The Religion Collection visit Gale Virtual Reference Library

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Incunabula: The Printing Revolution in Europe, 1455-1500

Incunabula: The Printing Revolution in Europe, 1455-1500 preserves the earliest examples of printed books, pamphlets and documents — many of them extremely rare — and transforms research into medieval and Renaissance history. It is of enormous value to scholars of early printing, typography, history, literature, philosophy and all areas of 15th-century studies. The collection assembles, in thematic units, full-text microfiche of incunabula from libraries around the world. Scholars are thus able to study the texts themselves as well as the printing and production techniques of this emerging and revolutionary technology.

Numerous titles are available as microform from Primary Source Media in the area of religion and theology. These collections feature a broad range of manuscripts and newspaper sources from the world's most prestigious libraries for serious researchers.

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