Powerspeak Languages

Powerspeak Languages is a powerful online language learning program.

With more than 1,000 lessons, it allows for both quick learning and in-depth study over a longer period of time (compared to many language learning resources in the market today). Language learning requires constant work, and with Powerspeak Languages, users are unlikely to exhaust the program quickly. Using research-driven techniques to take full advantage of the brain’s natural ability to acquire language and rooted in decades of research and development and designed to teach users of all ages, Powerspeak Languages features a combination of scored online activities, exercises, lessons, and games, all of which contribute to an experience that aligns with the standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

A variety of activities for a variety of learners

With Powerspeak Languages, users learn the language quickly and proficiently through engaging lessons and activities that leverage multiple methods of teaching, encouraging multisensory learning and reinforcing connections through the use of graphics, audio, video, music, and more For example, lessons begin with a walk-through that intersperses foreign words throughout a story-like narrative. This powerful online language learning method helps users instinctively guess what the word means based on the surrounding words. Other activities include:   

  • Matching to Pictures: Click and drag the word to its matching picture
  • Listen, Record, and Compare: Hear the word spoken, say it yourself, then compare the versions
  • Audio Matching: Listen and pair the word with its translation
  • Spoken Practice: Say the word and see if you’re right
  • Pictures: Listen to the word and match it to the picture
  • Walk-Through: Listen to the story and guess the meaning of foreign words
  • Listening: Hear a word in a foreign language then choose its English translation
  • Flashcards: See the English word on the front, then flip the card over to see its foreign counterpart
  • Word Order: Construct a sentence with click-and-drag
  • Check Your Understanding: Hear the question and choose the right response
  • Matching: Match the foreign word/phrase to its correct English translation

Focused on the most popular languages for the deepest understanding

Powerspeak Languages is available for the most popular languages studied today. Each course is custom built and tailored to each native language, immersing learners in the unique cultures along the way. This is what makes Powerspeak Languages one of the best language learning programs.

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • ESL for Spanish Speakers
  • ESL for Mandarin Speakers
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
All of these aspects make Powerspeak Languages one of the strongest, most helpful, and easiest online language learning programs available.