Key Research Themes: Impact of New Technology and Modernity

Reactions to urbanisation and industrialisation, new forms of transportation, technology and communication, scientific theories of evolution and the atomic age all appeared in the pages of Punch.

1850 – Victorian industry
Specimens From Mr. Punch's Industrial Exhibition of 1850. (To be improved in 1851).

1862 – The telegraph
Positive Fact, of Course. A message comes off on Mrs Bluebag's linen, which she is hanging, as usual, on the telegraph wires.

1882 – Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution
Man is But a Worm.

1890 – Urban development
Such an Unexpected Pleasure

1890 – Uncontrolled advertising

1901 The automobile
Owner of violently palpitating motor car. "There's no need to be alarmed. It will be all right as soon as I've discovered the what-d'ye-call-it!"

1945 – The Atomic Age
For Good or Evil

1989 – Computers
‘I’m afraid he still hasn’t quite mastered the new technology.’