Key Research Themes: Role of Women

Researchers will find a wealth of material on women’s equality, the ‘New Woman’, Suffragettes, women in the workplace, and women during two World Wars.

1867 – John Stuart Mill and the women’s franchise
Mill's Logic; or, Franchise for Females. "Pray Clear the Way, There, for These - a- Persons."

1905 – Fashion
Primum Vivere, Deinde Philosophari.
"Is Florrie's engagement really off, then?" "Oh, yes. Jack wanted her to give up gambling and smoking, and goodness knows what else." (Chorus.) "How absurd!!"

1908 – Suffragettes and votes for women
Leap-Year; or, the Irrepressible Ski.

1916 – World War 1: women at work on the Home Front
Secretary at Labour Bureau (to patriotic school-girl). "We might give you some clerical work, if you think you are up to it." School-girl. "Well, I - I might be able to do some of it, but - I don't know. Do you think I could manage the sermons?"

1940 World War 2: Land Girls
The Farmer's Idea of a Landgirl. The Landgirl's Idea of a Farmer

1988 – Sexism in the workplace
"That's an excellent suggestion, Miss Triggs. Perhaps one of the men here would like to make it."