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A Victorian Institution in the Twentieth Century
Andre Gailani, Manager at Punch Ltd.
(PDF, 2.3 MB)

Pencillings, Cuts and Cartoons: Punch and Early Victorian Comic Illustration
Professor Brian Maidment, Research Centre for English Literature and Cultural History, Liverpool John Moores University
(PDF, 1.4MB)

'The Immortal Periodical': Punch in the Nineteenth Century
Patrick Leary, founder of the VICTORIA forum for Victorian Studies, and author of The Punch Brotherhood (British Library, 2010)
(PDF, 1.8MB)

Two Distinct yet Equally Great Nations: Punch's Relationship with The Times
Gary Simons, Editor, Curran Index
(PDF, 0.9MB)

Studying Satire as a Form of Historical Communication: Teaching and Learning with Punch
Dr Clare Horrocks (Liverpool John Moores University), Academic Advisory Editor for the Punch Historical Archive and PI for the Punch and the Victorian Periodical Press Resource project
(PDF, 0.5MB)

Creating the Punch Historical Archive
Seth Cayley, Head of Research Publishing, Cengage Learning EMEA
(PDF, 1.4MB)

Case Studies

Working with Visual Evidence - ‘Reading’ Punch Cartoons
Dr James Baker, Curator, Digital Research, British Library
(PDF, 1.5 MB)

Punch and World War I
Dr Mike Benbough-Jackson, Senior Lecturer in History, Liverpool John Moores University
(PDF, 1.8 MB)

Punch Case Study: Women’s Suffrage
Dr Katy Birch, Teaching Fellow at Aberystwyth University
(PDF, 594.5 KB)

Food in Punch: Representations of Culinary Culture
Dr Annie Grey, Food Historian
(PDF, 767.9 KB)

Punch, the Law and Literature Case Study: Trial and Execution of Maria and Frederick Manning (1849)
Ann M Halen, University of Greenwich
(PDF, 1 MB)

Religion and Punch: How to Approach the Punch Historical Archive
Dominic Janes, Reader in Cultural History and Visual Studies, Birkbeck (University of London)
(PDF, 1.1 MB)

Representations of China in Punch
Hannah Lewis-Bill, University of Exeter
(PDF, 1.5 MB)

Representations of Flight and Aviation
Dr Steven McLean
(PDF, 725 KB)

Popular Music in Punch: Antagonism towards Modern Mass Culture
Dr Ron Moy, Liverpool John Moores University
(PDF, 658 KB)

In Search of America: An Introduction to Digital Research Techniques
Dr Bob Nicholson, Senior Lecturer in History, Edge Hill University
(PDF, 1.5 MB)

Representations of Courtship and Marriage in Cartoons of the Mid-Victorian Period
Dr Jennifer Phegley, Department of English, University of Missouri-Kansas City
(PDF, 1 MB)

Themes of Medievalism in Punch
Dr Sandra Martina Schwab, Johannes Gutenburg University
(PDF, 1 MB)

Representations of Gladstone in the Punch Historical Archive
Dr Louisa Yates, Director of Collections and Research, Gladstone’s Library
Gary Butler, Library Assistant, Gladstone’s Library
(PDF, 922 KB)

Nineteenth Century Punch in the Seminar Room
(PDF, 0.4MB)

Twentieth Century Punch in the Seminar Room
(PDF, 0.7MB)

Essays commissioned by Dr Clare Horrocks (Liverpool John Moores University and Academic Advisory Editor for the Punch Historical Archive)

Editorial Team: Dr Clare Horrocks, Professor Brian Maidment (Liverpool John Moores University), Helen Walasek (Punch Ltd, Project Advisor) and Cengage Learning.