Seligman Collection at Hiroshima University of Economics

Hiroshima University of Economics' portion of the Seligman collection (1851-1900) consists of nearly 700 titles with a special emphasis on economic theory, economic history, history of economic thought and finance. Areas covered by the collection include:

•    Economic Theory -  international economics, economic fluctuations, economic development theory
•    Economic Policy, including industry, commerce, agricultural economy, economic systems
•    Economic History, including history of finance and banking
•    History of Economic Thought, including history of social thought
•    Banking and Currencies
•    Finance
•    Social Problems and Policy, including labour problems
•    Economic Conditions, including business administration, population, energy resources, and transportation
•    Socialism and Social Movements, including communism
•    Politics and Law
•    Sociology and Philosophy

Another distinctive feature of the collection is its inclusion of many non-English titles. Of the approximately 700 titles, nearly 600 are in European languages other than English, primarily French and German.  This collection is therefore of particular importance to those studying the financial systems and economic theories of  late-nineteenth century France and Germany - and its colonies.