Gale’s new InterLink technology revolutionizes search and discovery for libraries and their users.

InterLink technology, now available exclusively from Gale, part of Cengage Learning, connects periodical articles within InfoTrac resources to contextually related content within GVRL eBook holdings. InfoTrac is Gale’s family of periodical databases and includes popular resources like Academic OneFile and General OneFile, which deliver millions of articles from academic journals, newspapers and popular magazines.

Smarter research is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Search in any Gale InfoTrac database.
2. InterLink technology scours a library's GVRL collection for the most relevant, most useful and most needed results.
3. Click the links to expand and continue the search amongst key, selected results.

Instead of hyperlinking to a broader, tangentially related topics, which is the typical experience within existing search tools, InterLink users are interlinked to additional materials that relate specifically to what they’re currently reading.

In a recent customer survey, this enhancement was among the most requested by librarians and thought to deliver the highest value to users. InterLink technology is only available for libraries offering both InfoTrac periodical resources and eBooks on the GVRL platform.

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Click on the below links to see sample searches:
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