NewsVault Special Collection: A Resource for Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)

Widely recognised as one of the twentieth century's most influential writers and poets, Dylan Thomas was principally known for his inspiring imagery and willingness to perform his craft publicly. His work lead to a broadcasting career with the BBC, which gave the Welshman a platform to share his literature with the world. To recognise the 100th anniversary of his birth, we have chosen a number of articles from Gale NewsVault and made them freely available.

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Under Milk Wood

18 poems

Caitlin Thomas

New Apocolyptics


Quite Early in the Morning



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The Listener; Dylan Thomas; March 14, 1934; Pg. 462

Mr Carter Speaks Up For Dylan Thomas
The Times; Roger Berthoud; May 9, 1977; Pg. 4
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Dylan Thomas's Last Work
The Times; December 31, 1953; Pg. 10

Dylan Thomas's Last Work
The Times Literary Supplement; Symons, Julian Gustave; March 05, 1954; Pg. 148

Milk Wood Revisited
Punch Historical Archive; Colin Pearson; July 12, 1978
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“A New Poet”: Miss Sitwell’s Review
The Sunday Times; W.P. Hare And Edward Vandermere Fleming; November 22, 1936; Pg. 9

Reminiscences Of Childhood
The Listener; February 25, 1943; Pg. 246

                                      “Dylan Thomas”; The Times Literary Supplement; November 11, 1949; Pg. 735

The Young Dylan
The Times Literary Supplement; Windsor Davies; May 02, 1968; Pg. 460
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Search ‘Dylan Thomas’ And ‘Caitlin’ as Keywords = 63 Results

                                     “Dylan Thomas – An Appeal” J. Ormond; Picture Post; December 5, 1953; Pg. 8

Two Sides To Dylan Story
Daily Mail; Edward Eaton; November 14, 1955; Pg. 5

Life With Dylan Thomas
The Sunday Times; Cyril Connolly; May 26, 1957

The Kindness That Killed Dylan Thomas In America
Daily Mail; May 31, 1957; Pg. 9

Search ‘Dylan Thomas’ And ‘New Apocalyptics’ in Entire Document = 4 Results
The Times Literary Supplement; Julian Symons; April 18, 1990

Mr Tambourine Man
The Financial Times; Elizabeth Thomson and David Gutman; August 04, 1990

Sting In The Tale Of Ern
The Independent On Sunday; Peter Porter; August 15, 1993; Pg. 29
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Search ‘Dylan Thomas’ And ‘War’ as Keywords = 24 Results
Mr. Ceri Richards’s New Paintings
The Times; February 8, 1954; Pg. 4

The Timeless World
The Times Literary Supplement; J.M. Cohen; March 9, 1956; Pg. 148

Cwmdonkin Blues

Punch Historical Archive; Julian Symons; November 10, 1965
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Dylan Thomas and The Spoken Word
The Times Literary Supplement; Vernon Philips Watkins; November 19, 1954; Pg. 731

Dylan Thomas and The BBC – Alan Rees Tells The Story Of A Relationship

The Listener; October 18, 1973; Pg. 516

The Artist as a Young Bard
The Sunday Times; Ian Hamilton; June 12

                    “A Poet Imitating Himself” Stephen Knight, The Times Literary Supplement; May 17, 1991; Pg. 28

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Search ‘Dylan Thomas’ And ‘Theatre’ as Keywords = 90 Results
In Honour of Dylan Thomas
The Sunday Times; January 03, 1954; Pg. 1

A Triumph in Poet’s Words
Daily Mail; Cecil Wilson; August 22, 1956; Pg. 3

Thomas Screen Play On The Stage
The Times; February 14, 1961; Pg. 6
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Search ‘Dylan Thomas’ And ‘America’ as Keywords = 41 Results
A Visit to America
The Listener; Dylan Thomas; April 22, 1954; Pg. 692

Drink and the Devil
The Times Literary Supplement; Julian Maclaren-Ross; May 11, 1956; Pg. 284

Dealing with Thomist Memories
The Times Literary Supplement; G.S. Fraser; October 22, 1964
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